Recent activity & shop talk.

Been a long time since I rock and rolled…

Blogs are a tough to keep updated…at lease for people like me.  One minute, I want to spill my guts on something that I think is important and the next minute…the urge is gone. Part of what inspired me to start a blog again was the fact that I recently checked my website and saw that my last update was my only update over two years ago.  In that time, my family has multiplied, I’ve worked with a lot of wonderful people, shot a ton of footage and photos, had my world turned upside down doing a documentary in Cambodia, bought a house and learned a great deal more about my craft & life in general.  Actually, there’s quite a bit to write about!

Rather than starting from two years ago, I’m going to keep the topics current and throw in past events here and there when appropriate.

Thanks for reading and I hope to keep things going from this point on.  Peace.



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